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Paramedic and EMT Training

We know that you may be interested in more than just your average paramedic or EMT salary. So we’ve taken this site a step further in providing the most up-to-date information in regards to your career as a first responder.

This profession is in high demand of people with a high caliber of integrity, intelligence, and endurance.

If you desire to leave a lasting legacy for your friends, family, and surrounding community, then you may be in the right place to learn all about paramedic and EMT training.

We’re here to help provide you with the best information to help you succeed as an emergency medical technician. Whether you just want the most recent data for your state’s paramedic salary or you’d like to apply for positions on our job board, we have a plethora of up-to-date guidance for you.

How to Become an EMT or Paramedic

The most basic thing to think about before entering this field is to know whether or not you’ll enjoy doing it. Read out job description page to see if it’s the right fit for you before committing to any type of EMT training course.

Another thing to realize is that EMT training has different requirements for every state, so you’ll need to find out the exact state-specific specifications for becoming an EMT or paramedic.

We’ve spent hours researching each state’s requirements and intend to continue adding quality information as time goes on. Although we don’t have all 50 states currently, we are in the process of updating and adding all 50 in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the current states we have right now.