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Average Paramedic Salary Information

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Paramedics go through a great deal of education, training, and examinations to earn the paramedic salary that they deserve. This goes without saying, but most deserve much more of a salary than what they currently gross. To a paramedic, it’s more than just their yearly income; it’s more than just a paycheck; it’s a way to help the individuals and families within the community that they serve. This profession is truly an altruistic one. Not only do EMTs and paramedics risk their lives everyday for the sake of others, they are constantly required to be in top physical, mental, and emotional health. Everyday is a challenge in itself. The amount of stress one goes through when arriving to dozens of traumatic incidents on a weekly basis is exhausting to say the least; but day in and day out, the paramedic is there to provide advanced life support to those in need.


With current technology being so advanced, paramedics are required to gain many months of state-approved training, education, and on-the-job experience. A few of the requirements for becoming an EMT or paramedic are being over the age of 18 years old, possessing a current driver’s license (in the state you are applying), and having a high school diploma or GED. Other requirements are more state-specific as each state organization does things differently. Most states require you to receive your certification through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. This is simple and can be obtained through their site, along with a practical and written exam. Click here to enter the NREMT site.


The payment scale for a paramedic depends upon which state you live in.  Each state pays their health organizations differently. Funny enough, it depends upon where you go for your information as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average paramedic salary is $33,020/year and the average hourly pay is $15.88/hour. According to the National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians say that the national average for paramedics is $43,525/year. I would lean more toward the $40Ks though.

Something to consider when deciding whether or not you should enter this career field is the fact that most EMTs and paramedics are paid on an hourly basis; and these guys work much overtime. Add the amount of overtime you are working with your base pay, and you could be making upwards of $50,000+/year.  Over time you will be able to gain experience, attend Continued Education courses, and be on your way to making even more of that annual income. Although this profession is not one that focuses on money (they don’t make too much), the salary of a paramedic is often the icing on the cake; and it’s a great way to earn a living and provide for your family.

Following is a list of the average paramedic salary for each U.S. state. The five states highlighted in red are those that pay the most. All data is taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics site and calculated by multiplying the hourly rate by 2,080 hours.



Alabama: Hourly: $15.44 Salary: $32,120

Alaska: Hourly: $22.42 Salary: $46,630

Arizona: Hourly: $12.53 Salary: $26,070

Arkansas: Hourly: $12.61 Salary: $26,240

California: Hourly: $14.93 Salary: $35,090

Colorado: Hourly: $15.96 Salary: $33,190

Connecticut: Hourly: $17.28 Salary: $35,940

Delaware: Hourly: $16.09 Salary: $33,470

Florida: Hourly: $15.34 Salary: $31,900

Georgia: Hourly: $14.40 Salary: $29,950

Hawaii: Hourly: $22.69 Salary: $47,190

Idaho: Hourly: $17.02 Salary: $35,390

Illinois: Hourly: $14.65 Salary: $30,480

Indiana: Hourly: $13.72 Salary: $28,540

Iowa: Hourly: $13.38 Salary: $27,840

Kansas: Hourly: $11.84 Salary: $24,640

Kentucky: Hourly: $12.88 Salary: $26,790

Louisiana: Hourly: $16.00 Salary: $33,280

Maine: Hourly: $13.75 Salary: $28,590

Maryland: Hourly: $17.84 Salary: $41,300

Massachusetts: Hourly: $16.27 Salary: $33,840

Michigan: Hourly: $14.85 Salary: $30,890

Minnesota: Hourly: $14.65 Salary: $30,470

Mississippi: Hourly: $11.57 Salary: $24,060

Missouri: Hourly: $15.69 Salary: $32,630

Montana: Hourly: $11.20 Salary: $23,290

Nebraska: Hourly: $12.17 Salary: $25,320

Nevada: Hourly: $15.75 Salary: $32,760

New Hampshire: Hourly: $15.61 Salary: $32,480

New Jersey: Hourly: $15.18 Salary: $31,570

New Mexico: Hourly: $13.52 Salary: $28,120

New York: Hourly: $18.17 Salary: $42,818

North Carolina: Hourly: $14.60 Salary: $30,370

North Dakota: Hourly: $13.53 Salary: $28,150

Ohio: Hourly: $12.48 Salary: $25,960

Oklahoma: Hourly: $12.25 Salary: $25,480

Oregon: Hourly: $20.78 Salary: $43,220

Pennsylvania: Hourly: $13.16 Salary: $27,370

Puerto Rico: Hourly: $8.83 Salary: $18,370

Rhode Island: Hourly: $15.78 Salary: $32,820

South Carolina: Hourly: $14.59 Salary: $30,350

South Dakota: Hourly: $11.91 Salary: $24,780

Tennessee: Hourly: $15.21 Salary: $31,640

Texas: Hourly: $14.74 Salary: $30,650

Utah: Hourly: $14.32 Salary: $29,800

Vermont: Hourly: $14.20 Salary: $29,540

Virginia: Hourly: $15.52 Salary: $32,280

Washington: Hourly: $20.11 Salary: $41,830

West Virginia: Hourly: $10.73 Salary: $22,320

Wisconsin: Hourly: $13.14 Salary: $27,340

Wyoming: Hourly: $16.16 Salary: $33,620


If the profession of paramedic or EMT interests you at all, there are plenty more resources on this site to help you obtain your goal. We are constantly updating state-specific requirements, the average paramedic salary, and so on. There’s even a Job Board on the site to help you find the best opportunities out there. We wish nothing less than your absolute success and happiness in your future vocation. Good luck!

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