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Become a Paramedic in New York

how to become a paramedic So you’re wondering about how to become a paramedic in the state of New York.  GREAT!!!!  This post  should give you the needed information to obtain your goal.

We’ll start with what you’re wondering about the most: the paramedic’s salary in New York.  Cause I know you are dying to know.  The specific salary stats come from:  This information may be subject to change due to bargaining agreements, experience qualifications, and many other factors.  You are welcome to ask for more. :)

Paramedic Salary Info

Starting Salary: $37,346
After 1 Year: $41,139
After 2 Years: $42,818
After 3 Years: $47,233
After 5 Years: $50,501

Now let’s get to the state requirements.

For every state you must first meet these requirements to become a paramedic:

1.  Be at least 18 years of age
2.  Possess a high school diploma or GED
3.  Possess a current state-specific driver’s license

The certification levels within the EMS (Emergency Medical Service) that you must pass through to  become a certified paramedic include (and the curriculum needed to obtain these certifications):

* All files are PDF and may be large

1.  Certified First Responder

2.  EMT – Basic

3.  EMT – Intermediate (this step has recently been made optional; you can now train from EMT-B to EMT-Paramedic)

4.  EMT – Critical Care

5.  EMT – Paramedic

Here’s a list of the only Bureau of EMS Sponsors that the New York State Bureau of EMS allows for certification (by county):

List of EMS Course Sponsors

If you’d like more information for the state of New York, let me know by leaving a comment down below.  Thanks!

And here’s the EMS Certification Exam Registration Information:

Here’s the Registration Information and I’ll add the Exam Schedule and how about some Certification FAQs.

We hope this article has helped give you the info on how to become a paramedic in New York.  :)

Good luck!

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