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10 Best Characteristics of a Paramedic

If you’re thinking about becoming a paramedic, make sure you consider everything there is to consider when diving into this profession. Not only should you think about the training, schooling, licenses, and state requirements, but do you really have what it takes to be a paramedic? Do you have the absolute best characteristics that make a paramedic a paramedic? Is your personality one that fits so well with this career path that you’ll actually be successful as an EMT or paramedic?

Well, that’s what this article is all about. From many hours of research, we find that there are certain characteristics that make one successful in this profession. But what are they? What are those qualities or attributes that will boost you forward in your vocation? We’ve found 10 of the best characteristics of a paramedic that you’ll want to possess. Without further ado, let’s discuss them.



Integrity is the quality of being solid in your convictions about moral issues. Somebody who possesses this attribute, has the ability to say no to bad decisions; to choose the wise way; and to be a foundation of trust and honesty. Which leads us to the next quality.


We all know what honesty is, but the paramedic who actually embodies this trait will be honest, even in the face of their own hurt. Sometimes you will be required to fill out paperwork and you’ll have the opportunity to not tell the whole truth, for insurance purposes. During this time you will need to decide if this characteristic portrays who you are. Otherwise you will compromise your position and your character. This will ultimately lead to many more compromises. And that’s bad.


This job is all about being selfless. If you’re not willing to put others before yourself, then you’ll never be successful. The foundation of this job is all about everybody else. If somebody is in a car accident, you cannot decide to not go and help. But if you’re even considering to become a paramedic, then you’re probably already selfless. Continue to be that way. :)


In the face of much heartache and pain in other people’s lives,¬† you will face moments when people will be in your face cussing and trying to break your walls down. This is when you need to be humble. You’ll also deal with people on drugs and alcohol. You’ll definitely need to be humble to handle all of this.


This goes for more than simply staying at a job for a long period of time (although all employers want that). You have to have a life of stability in the sense that you’re emotional, physically, and mentally strong. The amount of high stress from this profession will play games with you and if you’re not stable in all areas of your life, you will bring your work home with you. Or worse, bring your home to work with you and affect others’ lives in a negative way. So learn how to best become strong and have a well-rounded life.


You will be working with the best-of-the-best. And honoring your fellow employees will be one of the most essential aspects of being able to survive the stress of the job. When you’re in trouble or hurting, you’re partners will have your back. And being able to show them (and yourself) honor will go a long ways toward making long lasting relationships. But that’s not all you must honor. This profession is one to be honored. The daily activities you are involved in will need your utmost respect and honor to keep you doing what you are doing. This is key.


Speaking of respect. This is another quality that will go a long way toward building relationships and helping those around you. People are stronger when they know they are respected. And the motion is reciprocated. Especially show your superiors your respect and you will get yours as well.


Paramedics are highly trained individuals in medicine, administration of dosages, and advanced life support. The qualifications are high and must be so because of the nature of the job. High intelligence is in much demand in this arena. And I’m not simply talking about your IQ. You must have common sense as well, also known as EQ. You’ll be placed in situations and environments where you’ll need not only your training to kick in, but natural instinct. At times, trust your gut.


When telling somebody that their loved one died on the way to the hospital, you’ll need compassion. If you are cold and unsympathetic to what they are going through, then don’t even think about becoming an EMT or paramedic. If this is not the best characteristic of a paramedic, then I don’t know what is. Sometimes the best paramedics are those who have experienced the same circumstances because they are then able to empathize. And that goes miles in helping people.


When an alcoholic comes in swinging his arms at you and trying to stab you with a pencil, patience will be your best friend. You’ll need him so badly during those times. And that person will undoubtedly get the help he desperately needs. And you will go home a better person for not retaliating or acting out because of another’s actions.


If you possess the 10 best qualities of a paramedic, then you’re on the right track to becoming an EMT or paramedic. If you don’t, there’s always time to work on them and be the best person you can be. Not only are these attributes that are needed in this field, but they help wherever you are. They are standards for all of us to achieve. And do not feel bad about not possessing all of these traits. Most people do not.

But be encouraged. This is a great start to think about. And if you’re so desiring to enter this altruistic profession, go ahead and apply for a training program. Search this site for other great articles to help you along the way. And feel free to leave any comments to make this site much better. Thanks!

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  1. Addie says:

    Thanks for posting this, it’s Exactly what I wanted to know! I’m taking an EMT-B course currently with the intention of becoming a paramedic later down the road, and I’ve been nervous because I don’t have experience and wasn’t sure if I truly had the right qualities for the job. I feel better seeing these personality traits laid out, because they are all obtainiable even though as you mentioned no one has all these traits inherently.

    • admin says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! Thanks for letting us know how it’s helped you and the best of luck to you after your training.

  2. Hannah says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. It has been of great help/encouragement for me to move forward in pursuing a paramedic career. It also has shown me some things I need to practice strengthening in my life, as there are plenty of strengths and weaknesses in this list, but I’m excited to do so! I love a challenge! :) Thanks again.

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