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Become a Paramedic in Washington

how to become a paramedicSome may not know, but a paramedic is the highest type of EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) somebody can go. Unless you count anything mixed with a paramedic such as: police/paramedic or fireman/paramedic. So learning how to become a paramedic and earning a paramedic salary is a lot more than some people first think about. You’ve gotta pass through a couple other levels of EMT before you hit the big time, but we’ll get into that in a few paragraphs.

If you’re wondering exactly what an EMT or a paramedic does, there’s a great article about that on this site. There are other articles as well that describe the types of careers for paramedics, the average paramedic salary in the nation, and you can even check out our Job Board. But for this article, we’ll show you exactly how to go about becoming a paramedic in the beautiful state of Washington (not Washington D.C., that’s not a state).


You probably want to know the annual earnings of a paramedic first and foremost, huh? Here’s the average, but remember that you can make more or less depending upon your experience and what you negotiate for in your interviews. Some paramedics are able to negotiate a much higher annual income than others simply by asking for it. So here’s the median salary for a typical paramedic in Washington:

Salary: $41,830  Hourly: $20.11/hr


Office of Community Health Systems, EMS and Trauma Section
P.O. Box 47853
Olympia, WA 98504
Telephone: (360)236-2830


First, you’ll need to know the basic requirements for any EMT:

1.  At least 18 years of age.
2. Possess a high school diploma or GED
3.  Possess your state-specific (wherever you are applying to) driver’s license.


1.  First Responder

  • Estimated Training Hours: 54

2.  EMT-Basic

  • Estimated Training Hours:  110

3.  Intravenous Therapy Technician

  • Estimated Training Hours:  50

4.  Airway Management Technician

  • Estimated Training Hours:  50

5.  IV/Airway Technician

  • Estimated Training Hours:  70

6.  Intermediate Life Support Technician

  • Estimated Training Hours: 100

7.  ILS and Airway Technician

  • Estimated Training Hours:  100

8.  Paramedic

  • Estimated Training Hours:  1200-2000


1.  Successfully complete a Washington-approved training course.

2.  Receive NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) registration. You must pass the exam through the NREMT. For guaranteed success passing the exam click here.

3.  Apply for the Washington state certification.

4.  Associate yourself with a Washington state EMS service.

5.  Have your EMS supervisor verify documentation and sign certification.

6.  Have the County Medical Program Director (MPD) sign and recommend certification on application.

7.  Submit photo ID that contains date of birth.

8.  Complete Continuing Medical Education and pass Washington State written certification exam.

Computer Testing

You can choose to take an exam on the computer if it’s eligible in Washington. Pearson Vue allows you to locate a testing center in your area.


If you’re in need of renewing your license: license recertification.

Would you like more information for the state of Washington? Leave a comment below and we’ll update or respond asap.

Thanks, and good luck in your endeavors to become a paramedic in Washington and making that paramedic salary you’ve been so desiring.

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