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Paramedic Job Description

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Are you searching the Internet to find out if you’d like to become a paramedic? Does waking up early, speeding down streets, and saving lives interest you? Are you one of those people that delights in giving yourself to something bigger? Or are you simply curious about what this profession is all about? If any of these describes you, then continue reading to find out what a paramedic does on a daily basis.

Paramedic Job Description

Paramedics work in a very fast-paced career. Their complete focus is on saving lives. They work in a non-structured environment that is prone to many changes over the years, whether it be location or training.  A paramedic is held responsible for a team of EMS (Emergency Medical Service) employees and must always create a safe and therapeutic environment for everybody around. The paramedic is responsible for having the knowledge and expertise in:

  • administration of medication
  • calculating mathematical dosages of drugs
  • providing advanced life support
  • dealing with high stress situations
  • delivering professional care in everything they do

Depending upon the service of the paramedic, he/she may be working (and most likely will be) in high stress situations on a constant basis. Because of the nature of the job, paramedics need to be in top physical, emotional, and mental states at all times. This requires consistent exercise, nutrition, and healthy relationships. The lives of others depend upon it.

Diversity as a Paramedic

Not all paramedics work from an ambulance. Some areas of employment for a paramedic may include, but not necessarily limited to, military (their called medics), fire departments, hospitals, private companies, research facilities, or police departments. The level of stress in each company may be different. For example, if you work for a hospital on the emergency team, you will have much more stress than if you worked for a private company who delivers patients from hospitals to nursing homes.

The paramedic job description is not limited to one area such as a hospital. It is quite diverse. So it would be in your best interest to talk to current paramedics within each of these departments to discover what would best fit your character and desires. Your future is in your hands.

The Experience of a Paramedic

Within the job description of a paramedic, you usually don’t find the amount of time the paramedic has spent training in various levels of the Emergency Medical Technician status. There are usually four different levels of EMTs and the paramedic is the highest of them all. Thus, the paramedic has passed through each of these stages and has gained at least 1200 hours of clinical, field, and on-the-job training to be the expert as he/she is. You will find that most paramedics have been EMTs years before they even thought about becoming a paramedic. But let this not stop you. If you desire to enter this profession, then let this paramedic job description push you forward into a most successful career. Good luck!

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