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How to Become a Paramedic in Kentucky

Paramedic SalaryAre you looking to become a paramedic? Do you want to help the victims of accidents and crimes? Be the first one to reach the spot and help others? If yes, your future is in emergency medical care. For being a successful professional, you must be strong and compassionate. Knowledge about the laws of the state in which you practice is a must. If you’re living in the state of Kentucky, you’ll want to know exactly how to become a paramedic in Kentucky. Kentucky is a state which has contrasting economies. It has scattered rural homesteads as well as large metropolitan areas. So, every day, you would face a new challenge. Read on to know about how you can become a paramedic in this beautiful state. But before going further, you must understand who exactly is a paramedic and what his/her roles are.

A healthcare professional working in different emergency medical situations is known as a paramedic. He offers an advanced level of help and care to victims of medical trauma and emergency accidents. They are placed in mobile vehicles including ambulances and emergency response vehicles. In the recent past there has been a growth in the needs for more EMTs and paramedics. They offer out of the hospital services. Their skill set basically includes spinal injury management, fracture management, assessment and assistance in uncomplicated child birth, and management of burns to name a few. They also have deep knowledge about the various emergency medications and doses one needs to implement.

Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Training

To become a paramedic in the state of Kentucky, you need to first become a licensed EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) by taking up and clearing the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician exams – basic written and practical exam.

Prerequisites for Applying for the NREMT-B course

Before you can take up the exam you need to be at least 18 years of age and must have a high school diploma or GED (General Education Development). You also need to have a proof of you having completed a class in HIV/ AIDS. You must have a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CRP) certificate and must pass the criminal background check. If you meet all these requirements then just fill up the desired form and pay the fee.

Training Classes

Before applying for NREMT-B test and acquiring the EMT certificate, you need to take up a training course. A list of state approved paramedic training classes can be found at the Kentucky’s EMS homepage. Just click on the link of approved listing page of educational institutions.

Applying for the Examination

After completing the course or training classes, go to the website of Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services and download the form for Paramedic Examination and Licensure. Complete the form and sign it; then hand over the paper to your paramedic instructor who will forward the same to Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services. Clear the exam and obtain your certificate.

Advanced Level Training

Once you have passed the NREMT-B course and have a certificate for the same, you can go in for a higher level of skill set and qualification by applying for the NREMT-P test. You must clear NREMT-P written exam in order to receive the license of a certified paramedic. Once you have the license, you can work as a paramedic in Kentucky.

Get a Job      

After receiving your EMT-B certificate, it is best to work on an ambulance for at least a year. This would help you prepare for paramedic training (NREMT-P test). You would be able to experience the emergency situations because of your presence at the site of accidents and gain the necessary knowledge for each situation you encounter. A mere explanation or detailed description of situations is simply not comparable to the actual experience of the situation. With an EMT-B certificate, you are authorized to work in an ambulance.

Enroll for a Paramedic Training Program

Just like taking up a training course before applying for a written test, being an EMT-B is a necessity. You must also attend the preparatory classes before you apply for the NREMT-P written exam. Aspiring applicants need to complete electrocardiography (ECG), algebra, anatomy & physiology and at least 10th grade reading comprehension courses before applying.

Applying for the Examination

The application must be sent along with certain important papers including a copy of your advanced cardiac life support card, a proof of your learning about Determination of Death and a signed EMS-TEI form. You can download the form from the website of Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services and follow the same procedure as done for the EMT-B examination.

In Kentucky, you can find the course at Eastern Kentucky University and Western Kentucky University. The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education accredits the paramedic training programs. These universities offer both programs for you – the Basic Emergency Medical Technician Certification Program and Associate in Science for Emergency Medical Care Degree Program.

Basic Emergency Medical Technician Certification Program: This is the most basic type of course which introduces you to emergency medical care. The Department of Safety, Security and Emergency Management awards certificates to the graduates. Certificates are offered in cardiac, pediatric or trauma life support categories.

Associate in Science for Emergency Medical Care Degree Program: The areas covered in this program include pre hospital patient management, life support and clinical field experience. Anatomy, English composition and physiology are also included in the course structure. There are two internship programs for the students included in the program that provide necessary field experience to the students.

Paramedic Salary

The thing that you might be really interested in knowing other than how to become a paramedic in Kentucky is the paramedic salary. We all should want to know the amount we would be earning once we are working in a particular field. The average paramedic salary in Kentucky is around $26,780. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is the average for both EMTs and paramedics, so the pay for paramedics will be much higher due to the fact that they are better trained and possess much more experience. However, this might vary a lot and depends on a number of other important factors which may include your experience, training and, of course, your bargaining ability. This certainly does not seem much, but EMT experts and paramedics get a lot of overtime and many times are paid on an hourly basis. There are a number of other benefits that are offered which varies from company to company as well.

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