How To Become A Paramedic In PA

Posted October 1st, 2011 in Info, Salary, Training by admin

how to become a paramedic in PABecoming a paramedic is a great choice for a vocation. It is certainly one of the fastest growing occupations. This article will provide information on how to become a paramedic in Pennsylvania that will help point you in the right direction in making that choice. The education, training and salary information will give you more insight to this exciting and rewarding field.

Paramedics work in teams. One person drives while the other person monitors the situation. Individuals in this field are prepared for emergency medical situations that consider all elements of the crisis including pre-existing conditions, immediate treatment, and transportation to the hospital. They may also be required to treat an injured person at home for minor situations.

Pennsylvania has many schools and educational resources for the person looking to meet this vocational goal. One of the first thoughts a person has when considering a vocational choice is the salary. Salaries for this particular field may vary due to location, state, and other particulars such as experience on the job. The average salary in Harrisburg County is estimated at $30,000 per year.

Paramedics are usually paid by the hour. This does increase the opportunity for higher pay due to overtime. Benefits are another consideration when looking at a desired company for employment. Salary and benefits are both considered when looking at the overall employment opportunity.

Requirements vary by state. However, there are necessary first steps. The First Responder Certification is a requirement that allows an individual to be trained in basic level procedures. This certification is valid for three years. These procedures include CPR, evaluation of the sick or hurt patient, and transportation. Preparation for the hospital, fractures, and traumatic injuries are also part of the training. These training procedures are very important and part of course requirements. Courses may vary if a person chooses certification versus obtaining a degree. The EMT necessities are labs, in-hospital clinical experience, classroom lectures, and field experience.

Paramedic school is the last step after taking CPR/First Aid certification and EMT certification. Some counties may require that a person maintain other certifications such as advanced cardiac life support, trauma life support before the hospital arrival, and pediatric life support.
The Paramedic Associate Degree is another requirement. In order to move forward in this step, there are quite a few schools from which to choose. The NREMPT exam is taken at the end of the education process. Taken by computer, once the exam is passed, the individuals are Nationally Registered Paramedics. And, they are also certified by the PA Dept. of Health, Bureau of EMS as a paramedic in the state of Pennsylvania.
Becoming a paramedic in PA begins with making the decision. Research online to gather information on specific county requirements and what state requirements are necessary to begin the process. A high school diploma or GED is required to begin post-secondary education. Once EMT certification is acquired, the next step is to attend school to be come a paramedic. Financial aid and other resources are available.